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Modulo Protect ensures your safety

Bullet proof validation EN 1522 - 1523

Modulo Protect Shelters are designed on the basis of enclosures fitted with Mprotect walls. These have been validated at bulletproof levels ranging from FB1 to FB6 according to European standards EN 1522 - 1523, as well as AK47 Kalashnikov at the BNE (National Test Bench of Arms of Saint-Etienne). In addition, the shelters are equipped with EN 1522 - 1523 certified joinery

Bulletproof glazing has a validation of its intrinsic performance by standard EN 1063. The whole can thus claim a bulletproof resistance according to the desired level.

Modulo Protect's business expertise allows us to meet specific specifications (FB7 or other projectiles).

EN 1627-1630 intrusion proof standard

The EN 1627 - 1630 standards present a classification system in six categories (CR1 to CR6 in ascending order of resistance to burglary) and describe the test methods used to assess resistance to human burglary.

Modulo Protect shelters are fitted with Mprotect walls which have been validated at burglar-proof levels ranging from CR2 to CR6 at the CNPP (National Center for Prevention and Protection).

The modular units are prepared with joinery certified according to EN 1627-1630, solid or glazed. The integration of certified joinery guarantees a uniform level of resistance.

The retardant or intrusion proof glazing has a validation of its performance by standard EN 356.

Regarding joinery, simple compliance with the EN 1627 table in the Standards section allows the resistance of the glazing to be validated (levels CR2-CR4).
The CR5-CR6 levels must be completed by an actual test on the glazing itself.

Modulo Protect's business expertise guarantees the customer a homogeneous level of resistance between the enclosure and the joinery, and integration in compliance with the requirements. The Mprotect CR6 wall has also been torch tested. It resists more than 20 minutes.

The combination of bulletproof and intrusion proof resistances can be studied; the levels for example CR4 + FB4 or even CR6 + FB6 can be combined according to customer requests.