The building market is booming. Modular today makes it possible to equip your sites with resistant and secure buildings.

Our mission: to create secure, prefabricated and tailor-made modular buildings. We are able to operate in several areas: blast-proof, bulletproof, intrusion-proof. Our modules are thus used in many sectors: refinery, banking, rail, embassy, ​​defense, etc.

We optimize your space and we deliver the buildings turnkey, ready to be used.

Innovation in our constructions

Thanks to our ability to diversify, our products have several uses. They make it possible to control access to sites, to defend against any attacks, to resist to the fire, to resist several levels of bullets and break-ins and protect equipment and employes.

Each of our clients is unique, we adapt to your requirements and your specifications. This means that each construction is specific and requires a particular solution or innovation.

We are committed

We adhere to the values ​​of sustainable development in the choice of our resources as well as in our production methods.

Our values

We adapt to your desires.

We support you throughout your project.

We are reactive in the face of difficulties.

Proximity, trust and customer satisfaction are our priority.

Our strength; a qualified team and project managers specialized in their field. Our customers benefit from a single point of contact, increased proximity and easier administrative procedures.

Our services

We manufacture, integrate and deliver our modules but not only ... we have an after-sales service.
For any information, contact us by email: contact@modulo-protect.fr