Our Know-How

Our Strengths

Modulo Protect studies and manufactures secure modular buildings according to the level of resistance defined by your specifications.
The company operates in several areas such as intrusion proof zone, bullet proof, the basic version or blast proof.

Bullet Proof

The bullet-proof protective devices guarantee a dual security function, both deterrent and defensive. The elements are equipped according to European standards and in particular to standards EN 1522 and EN 1063. They are divided into 7 classes according to their ballistic resistance to shots from pistols, rifles, rifles or even hunting rifles. Depending on the level of resistance required and the type of glazing, Modulo Protect designs its modules with bulletproof certified construction elements.

Intrusion Proof

For your personal safety and for the protection of your building, solutions can be realized with a global approach and compatible with your systems. Each of the solutions is designed with a break-in delay. Modulo Protect offers during the construction of the modules, the Mprotect wall. It is intrusion proof and is made with certified burglar-resistant components.

Fire resistant

During the construction of buildings, structures must during a fire: limit its spread, ensure a breathable and clear atmosphere during evacuation and keep some equipments. Modulo Protect uses specific equipment which is determined by the customer: fire resistance, tightness to toxic vapors, intensity of the pressure wave of an explosion and reflection coefficient. The buildings are also manufactured according to the European standards in force.

Blast Proof

The risks of explosion depend on the activity of the company; those who work with explosive substances (ATEX zone) or in the vicinity of risky sites classified seveso (PPRT). These industries require "Blast Proof" buildings designed to protect equipment and personnel against the risk of explosion, fire (heat flow) or the infiltration of harmful substances. Modulo Protect designs, manufactures and installs modular Blast Resistant buildings that meet the most demanding specifications. The company adapts its solutions according to your risky sites.