Designer and Integrator

Our Building Design uses 3D Computer Imagery 

All our facilities are rigorously selected to meet your concerns about time, safety and comfort. This quality is obtained thanks to experience and a symbiosis between the different trades.

Visit your site and study the feasibility of your project.

Draw up a first plan of your request.

Confirmation of the foreground draft.

Modification of the plan according to demand.

And finally visualization of the whole project.

Once the design is finished, we manufacture your module.

Integration into the intented location

The people who make up Modulo Protect create workspaces adapted to the most demanding specifications while respecting the DTU or Eurocodes.
They design the plans, establish the costing and rigorously select all the components of your future building: walls, glazed frames, doors, enslaved SAS, secure counters.
They also incorporate building-specific standards such as accessibility for the disabled, fire safety, alarm systems, access control, video, safe, safe, ticket pass, conveyor access equipment.

Our production teams benefit from solid experience:
in the assembly, assembly and integration of equipment into structures.