Technical Building

Technical Buildings

Our Technical Buildings are made to measure according to DTU construction rules. Each technical module offers dimensional capacities of up to 15 m in length, 4 m in width and 4 m in height. Transport by road or sea is thus facilitated.

The Technical Buildings are equipped with a lifting ring gripping system to allow them to be moved using a crane. Their self-supporting structures are all made with galvanized steel profiles, which achieves a high level of corrosion resistance and guarantees the stability of the building.

The resistance of buildings is calculated and studied internally by our design office. Then the calculation notes are submitted to an external body to verify and also to meet the construction standards Eurocodes, CM66, etc.

Exterior design?

The outer walls of the prefabs are made from steel, aluminium or even stainless steel if the unit is to be used in challenging environments (harsh, saline, etc.).

You can also select your cladding (screen printed designs, wood, roughcasting, etc.) according to your architectural preferences or the conditions imposed by the heritage authorities. The combination of walls, doors and frames ensures compliance with the indoor and outdoor safety and security provisions of your specifications as well as the required thermal performance, from the most basic to RT 2012 level.

Optional features are also available, such as: access platform and ramp, caged ladder to roof, a lifeline, a roof, caged ladder to roof.

Interior design

technical buildings are usually fully pre-fitted in-plant with:

  • electrical equipment with cabinets, cable ducts, and power sockets, and inspected by an external
  • phone and IT pre-cabling with certification
  • appropriate indoor and outdoor lighting
  • heating, air conditioning, CMV, all designed using calculation notes
  • fold-away worktops, furnishings, cupboards, shelving

One of our technical Building achievements

These buildings offer high thermal performance, desired by our customers and in compliance with the obligations and standards in force. Our shelters are tailor-made and completely prefabricated in the factory and then installed by us.

Technical building (3 assembled modules) in the middle of the tracks at the entrance to the Rennes train station
12.60m x 9.70m with a height of 3.90m
It is composed by
- Doors with exterior access control and interior panic control
- Raised access floor with chairs for customer cabinets
- Cladding with metal cladding

Its pre-equipment:
- a 400A TGBT panel, indoor / outdoor LED lighting, redundant reversible air conditioning, ventilation, air conditioning and ventilation control to the ISS, floor & ceiling cable trays
+ GC control with cabling arteries under the shelters made by Modulo Protect
+ Control of the SSI + IAEG installation by Modulo Protect