Ticket machine

Serve Safety

Thanks to its intrusion proof walls, doors and glazing, our ticket machine is designed to vandal proof and intrusion proof.
Pre mounted and secure, they are delivered quickly and turnkey for use on repair sites or for temporary implantation.

Our modules handle the most demanding specifications. They also comply with the DTU and CM 66, comply with the security rule and intrusion proof.
Equipped with a steel structure and assembled by mechanical welding, the ticket machine is installed to ensure corrosion and guarantee perfect stability.
The ticket machine is created with a first facing made of sandwich panels. To consolidate the structure and make it intrusion proof, the structure is reinforced on the inside by a protective sheet.
In addition, the lifting rings allow the handling and a quick installation of the ticket machine.

For your convenience, our ticket machine is furnished with furniture, storage, sanitary facilities and shutters.
They also have electrical pre-mounted, sockets, lighting, telephone and computer connections.

One of our realizations

Ticket Machine for SNCF