Toll Booth

Toll Booth

We design toll booths, toll shelters and maxi-cabins. Each of the toll modules offers dimensional capacities adapted to your projects and your site. This is why our toll booths are made to measure according to DTU construction rules.

Made up of a self-supporting structure, our cabins are easily transportable. They are also all made with a galvanized steel floor, sandwich panels with male-female interlocking, a roof in one panel, which allows the cabin to be stable and waterproof.

The resistance of buildings is calculated and studied internally by our design office. Then the calculation notes are submitted to an external body to verify and also meet the construction standards Eurocodes, CM66, etc.

The toll booths are fully pre-mounted in the factory: electrical installation with box, electrical outlets, adequate lighting, heating and air conditioning, sliding glass windows opening "à la française".
We also integrate the automatons in our factory.

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