Analysis Station

Anywhere and it all weathers

Modulo Protect innovates by taking into consideration the real needs of its customers.

The company has thus created the Modul'air. It is adaptable, fixed or mobile. It allows to obtain the most relevant measurements.

We use freestanding monolithic insulated sandwich panels assembled with structural adhesives. This is a widely recognised technology. Our products’ design ensures that your station is well-insulated, free of thermal bridging and suited to your geographical location.

Many possibilities according to your needs


Fixed Station

Mobile Station

Multiple-Use Station: Modul'air

Mobile Station

➜ Made to measure according to your specifications,
➜ Hot-dip galvanised frame,
➜ Freestanding floor with your specified load resistance,
➜ Outstanding resistance to harsh environments: saline, urban, chlorinated, sulphurous or
otherwise chemically aggressive,
➜ Can be adapted to your requirements,
➜ Easy to clean, white-room environment,
➜ Customised integration: electricity, air conditioning, furnishings, transportation to site and lifting, etc.
Safety: appropriate guard rail: fixed, foldable or removable.

One of our achievement


This Shelter Analyze is a glued cabin that has been designed according to demand.

Dimension: 2.10m x 2.10m with a height of 2.40m
The cabin is composed of:
- White PU + polyester composite panels walls
- Lacquered cabin door and cladding RAL 8017
- Architectural steel cladding option
- Steel door with 3-point lock + anti panic

Its pre-equipment:
- utilities table
+ lighting
+ reversible air conditioning + a work plan

Other achievements

Mobile Station

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