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About us

Bullet proof

Intrusion proof

Rental building

Blast proof

Fire resistant

Modulo Protect

Do you need a pre-mounted, secure building, quickly installed and ready to welcome your employees without delay? Look no further… Leader in its field, Modulo Protect since 2003 manufactures, designs and integrates secure and tailor-made modular buildings.

Sentry Box

Premounted secure building - it allows you to be protected safely from the outside elements.


Unique local handle your specifications. It is tailor-made, it is resistant and adapts to your environment.

Blast Proof

Blast Proof building, the ultimate modular protection. "Plan the worst to live the best".

Rental building

In addition to the sale of specific and tailor-made modules, we provide rental modules.

Our values

Thanks to our employees and our know-how, Modulo Protect adapts to each of your desires to satisfy you.

Our services

Our expert engineers advise you and build “tailor-made” turnkey buildings for you and with you.


Beginning of this year, blast proof building was delivered

A secured building and design

Vending points

Technical building for SNCF

Rental building

Analysis station